March 22, 2016

E2Exchange Interview

The Brand Specialist shares his insights on the benefits of networking for entrepreneurs.

E2Exchange (E2E), creates extraordinary connections for Entrepreneurs with Entrepreneurs. Their connections consist of established entrepreneurs, sophisticated investors, world-class providers and experienced non-executive directors.

Founded in 2011, E2E is a dynamic community of over 12,000 entrepreneurs, investors, non-execs and partners.

E2E is a hub for the progress of the UK’s entrepreneurial community – businesses at the scale-up stage – helping to accelerate growth for the benefit of their businesses as well as the UK economy.

E2E is an established network of highly successful entrepreneurs: creating an exchange between entrepreneurs, investors, experienced non-executive directors, business leaders, government influencers and professional service providers.

About The Brand Specialist
Rikard is an award-winning Creative Director and Brand Strategist with a diverse experience from Brand Consultancies, Advertising, and Innovation Agencies. His client list has become quite impressive over the years, with projects ranging from Icelandair Corporate Identity to Mercedes-Benz repositioning Ad-Campaign.