February 9, 2016

ExplainTheMarket / Invest in African Interview

Interview about why UK companies should invest in African.

I was asked by Guy Shone, CEO of ExplainTheMarket, to comment on why UK companies should invest in African. Here’s what I said:

China has intensified its investment across the African continent contributing to a global capital investment of US$128B, up 136% on previous year. Not wanting to be left behind, the UK has taken a fresh look at the worlds’ fastest growing economy. They have realised that the Africa of today, no longer wants aid or charity but instead craves highly technical and innovative solutions to provide basic services to its 1.1 billion people. Companies specialising in renewable energy, telecommunications, financial services, health, education and agriculture have seen the potential to not only make millions in profit but also improve the lives of millions of African people – all at the same time. And it’s this ‘win-win’ that makes investing in Africa so attractive to UK companies.

About The Brand Specialist
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