Baltic Sea Task Force Communication Strategy and Brand Touch-Points


The Baltic Sea Task Force on Organised Crime (BSTF-OC) was created on May 04, 1996 due to the decision taken by the Heads of Governments of the Baltic Sea States. It comprises 11 personal representatives of the Heads of Governments of the Baltic Sea States (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden).

Officials from Interpol, Europol, the EU Council and the Secretariat of the Council Baltic Sea States have the status of observers at the BSTF meetings.


I worked with the Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Service (KRIPOS) to develop an internal communication strategy and brand touch-point to foster partnership among member nations and an external strategy to communicate a united front against organised crime.

Client Feedback

Rikard is responsive and professional from the start and followed up underway to our immense satisfaction and I recommend him to anyone.

Frank Sandsund - National Co-Ordinator
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Services: Internal Communication Strategy, Brand Touch-Points