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The Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) is a live music competition joined by bands from all continents around the world. It is open to amateur/professional bands of all music genres and ages; there are only two main prerequisites to joining: no cover songs and no pre-recorded tracks.

All bands must play original compositions and play it live. Every year Local Qualifying Heats and National Finals take place in participating countries around the world. The winners of these go forward to the World Finals.

The grand winner of the World Finals will be awarded a USD $100,000.00 worth of cash and band development packages in London, as well as a golden statuette engraved with the words “Best New Band in the World”.


With the rise of Pop Idol and American Idol GBOB was in danger of being perceived as “just another music competition”. GBOB also wanted to distance itself from “corporate manufactured” musicians and bands.


A strategy was developed to move the perception of GBOB from ‘Music Contest’ to ‘Music Movement’. A movement which would live on outside the established corporate music industry, a movement which would bring music lovers and musicians closer together.

Client Feedback

Rikard Svendsen has become a great friend of the MOBO Organisation and vice-versa because of his can do attitude, his ability to understand our brand very quickly and specifically because of his very sound brand and marketing advice and guidance. I would highly recommend him.

Kanya King MBE - Founder and CEO MOBO
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