Rikard Svendsen
Rikard is an award winning Creative Director and Brand Strategist with a diverse experience from Brand Consultancies, Advertising and Innovation Agencies. His client list has become quite impressive over the years, with projects ranging from Icelandair Corporate Identity to Mercedes-Benz repositioning Ad-Campaign.


Corporate identity, product design, website, apps, social media, pr or advertising campaign are never ends in themselves but merely means to an end. The goal is never to have an award-winning marketing campaign, but a campaign which creates a strong and effective brand in the minds of consumers, which in turn has a positive effect on people’s purchase decisions, producing increased sales over time at a higher profit margin. Understanding the clients business strategy, combined with a deep insight into what makes customers do, buy and love the things they do, makes The Brand Specialist your ideal partner in creating a brand strategy aimed at building an intangible competitive advantage.

Imagine consumers wanting, or even craving your offering – despite it being of the same quality, sold at the same price, or even sporting the same performance as your rivals’. Wouldn’t it be great to outsell the others, even though you’re not really better or unique?

 Start building yours today, and become ‘the chosen one’.

The Brand Specialist believes branding is a way to differentiate a company, product or service from its competitors in the collective minds of prospects, and to provide it with a personality and position which is both unique and appealing to those needs found in its chosen market. It is a multifaceted, multi-layered process, which requires a creative flair in witch he’s knowledge and experience puts him in a unique position to deliver.